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About Us

Who We Are

We continually set the bar higher, for all others to emulate...

We are females with intimate personal experience, success and extensive knowledge in the world of high end companionship. Driven by our desire to design a genuine, more compassionate, original and truly upscale environment within our industry. West Coast Angels was created in 2014 and established and Vancouvers first and only true upscale escort agency.

Since birth, WCA has continually set the bar higher for all others to emulate. Our highly regarded reputation is built on absolute discretion, unparalleled service and high standards which  we obsessively uphold.

We don’t just represent ladies, manage, book and settle balances, we do things that matter. Our values are rooted in sincerity, integrity and honesty and delivered through every experience. In an industry which seldom evolves, we innovate, lead and established higher standards within our community. It’s our passion, that fosters long-term relevance and develops lasting relationships with all of our patrons and female partners.

We believe in life, in its many pleasures and in choosing exceptional escorts to explore your deepest desires with. If you fancy a coming along a pursuit of pleasure, we welcome you to join us.

What We Do

We unite modern day goddesses with true gentlemen creating authentic, sexy, human connections.

We believe an exceptional escort experience must intrigue you, delight you, inspire you and create memories that linger.

It’s an experience which must not only be seen, but felt from within. An experience only created by more than outward appearances. It comes with the right combination of physical beauty, personality, confidence, chemistry and compassion. Qualities you will find in all the angels and felt in each and every experience with West Coast Angels.

We are creators of exceptional moments — unscripted, non-transactional, and wholly remarkable. We choose to represent a select number of extraordinary escorts based on the building blocks of consistent, exceptional service to create lasting relationships with those who value quality.


We believe a hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one...

We value absolute discretion, both yours and that of the escorts we work with. We appreciate your encounter, whether brief or lasting, can only be enjoyed under the assurance of absolute discretion. Challenge filled work days and complicated relationships keep your stresses high enough, that’s why we aim to deliver an experience free of headaches, stress and complications.

In our effort to deliver you seamless experiences, we are highly selective in the ladies we work with. The escorts we represent are undeniably sexy, subtle and always classy. We are diligent and uncompromising upholding our standards and collectively have a zero tolerance for indiscretion.

Any information you provide to us is secure and confidential. To help us protect your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy. You may request us to completely, or partially, amend this policy to meet your expectations.

We welcome the use of non-disclosure agreements.