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Alanna has departed!

Often described as a true angel, elegant, captivating, kindhearted, intelligent, and down-to-earth. From the moment you meet me my calm energy and caring nature will be evident, and will have you feeling comfortable in no time.

I understand that connection, intimacy, pleasure, and relaxation are important components of a person’s overall well-being, which is why I adore sharing my feminine sensuality and affection with respectful gentlemen. I am your intimate companion, your confidante, your sweet respite. I love you to feel seen, valued, and satisfied.

Let us rendezvous together and savour moments of ease and rapture. Until we meet…

Ethnicity – Caucasian

Years – Early 30s

Height – 5’3

Figure – 32B – 23 – 32

Frame – Petite, Natural

Dress Size – 0 US | XS

Shoe Size – 37 US | 38 EU

Hair – Soft Brown

Eyes – Sea Green, Hazel

Style – Simple, Subtle, Elegant

Tattoos – Tiny, Discreet (2)

Experiences & Rates
Private Encounter
3 Hours.0…………………………….1500
2 Hours.0…………………………….1000
1.5 Hours…………………………….0750
1 Hours.0…………………………….0500
Dinner & Dessert
4 Hours.0…………………………….2000
Social & Events
By request

*Additional travel fees applicable

Authentic Vegetarian Italian

Fresh pressed green juice, off-dry white wine

Movie & book
The Notebook, and Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” – Elinor Glyn

The quiet islands of Hawaii, or Tuscany Italy

Chanel Chance, Armani Si


Compliments to Alanna...

"Man is she amazing. Go see her."

TheEroticReview.com, 2021

Compliments to Alanna...

I feel like the experience was so complete for me because the visual, physical, and emotional stimulation all lined up in perfect combination

PERB.CC, 2017

We talked about books we've read / are reading, aspirations, etc... the entire experience felt so complete that I couldn't stop thinking about her for the rest of the day

PERB.CC, 2017

Compliments to Alanna

When the door opens you realize how fortunate you are to be where you are now.


Would I recommend? Absolutely. If you like her pictures, you’ll be definitely pleased with her company. She’s also the second girl I see from WCA and I’m starting to understand why they have such a good reputation. Booking was simple and Alisha always kept me updated on everything.

PERB.CC, 2021

Alanna is a very classy lady, and, as it’s been mentioned before, her accent is a huge turn on.

PERB.CC, 2021

It has taken me a long time to line up my schedule to see Alanna and she's worth the wait. When she opened the door, I immediately liked what I saw. She's quite beautiful and classy and had a lovely smile. She resembled a brunette or dark dirty blonde version of Doutzen Kroe.

PERB.CC, 2021

What a sweetheart! All the way to her down to earth attitude this girl will make you feel at ease not to mention very blessed to be in her company. She is a keeper.

PERB.CC, 2015

Alanna is certainly a stunner.

PERB.CC, 2017

Not going to go into blow by blow detail, but suffice to say, she’s hard to get out of my mind.

PERB.CC, 2017

Alanna is stunning. I have never met a woman so striking

PERB.CC, 2017

She is such a beautiful thing! I wish I could have a GF like her. She is sweet and articulate. What a gem!

PERB.CC, 2017

Just being in the same room with such a gorgeous and intelligent young lady was intoxicating.

PERB.CC , 2017

Compliments to Alanna

"We chatted, drank some wine, and had a lot of fun. It was a bit of a blur, but a fun blur to be sure."

PERB.CC, 2017

Alanna opened the door and my jaw dropped to the floor.


Compliments to Alanna...

She is every bit as intellectually attractive as she is stunningly beautiful, and boy is she beautiful… super cute face, the “whole package” as it were.


She is a delightful young woman, so beautiful, bewitching, confident and considerate, also intelligent, and an excellent conversationalist. She lives up to the “angel” in the agency name, “westcoast angels“.

PERB.CC, 2016

She had me as soon as she walked through the door.

PERB.CC, 2014

I found her company so enjoyable that I think I would have been content to have spent our entire time together simply conversing over a bottle of wine.

PERB.CC, 2014