West Coast Angels wishes all our loyal clients who have been so great to us and also to those who we’ve recently met, a very happy holiday season and new years! PROMO PERIOD: December 13th (10AM) – December 30th (12AM)   NEW CLIENTS To celebrate the holidays we are offering first time WCA clients* 10% […]


What attracted you to being a Vancouver escort? In an oddly unique way, being a Vancouver escort is extremely liberating – both financially and socially. Initially the financial prospects were most appealing to me but, over time, I have come to value most the social gratification that comes with doing my job.   What do you […]


What attracted you to being an Vancouver escort? I enjoy being naughty and meeting new people. What do you like most about working for Vancouver escort agency West Coast Angels? I love working for WCA because they are the only Vancouver escort agency that offers true high standards and meets my needs. The owner and staff […]


What attracted you to being a Vancouver escort? If there are two things I enjoy most in life, it’s conversation and intimacy. Realizing I’d have the opportunity to incorporate both with gentlemen from all walks of life has been such a blessing. The lasting relationships made are a bonus! What do you like most about […]


It’s hard to imagine what could be more fun than seeing an Angel, but just imagine doubling the fun with two Angels at once! Finally, after popular demand we are introducing Angel Duos! A fantasy turned reality with your favorite Vancouver Girlfriend Escorts. Duo Pairings: Alessia + Anastasia Anastasia + Amalia Amalia + Anna Belluci* *Featured duo partners […]


Happy Valentines from West Coast Angels! We are delighted and excited to present our Naughty AND Nice VDAY Promo. Winner will get the opportunity to book the first ever ANGEL DUO! One unforgettable evening with two amazing angels. Read on for details… ELIGIBILITY: The contest is open to ALL existing and new clients to West […]


A romantic dinner date is a sure fire way to set the mood for the night with your Angel. Good things come to those who wait. An evening out with your Vancouver Escort will not only set the mood but build anticipation for the evening ahead. Vancouver is filled with beautiful escorts and never ending dining options. The purpose of […]


What attracted you to being a Vancouver escort? I was attracted to socializing with men, the intimate experience, and being paid for doing something I enjoy. What do you like most about working for Vancouver Escort Agency West Coast Angels? I like how well run, organized, and discreet WCA is. What’s your sexiest attribute, and why? […]