Who We Are…

Hi, I’m Alisha. I opened my agency over three years ago and I am proud to say we have established the highest regarded reputation in Vancouver. My goal in creating WCA was to work with women who choose this career to achieve long term life goals. I truly believe that being a companion is a blessing and of course, lucrative oppurtunity – when done the right way. After experiencing what agencies in Vancouver had to offer, I found myself unsatisfied. I wished for proper, high caliber, superior representation that held equal standards of which I held myself to. Enter, West Coast Angels.  I have the knowledge and experience now that I didn’t when I was new to this and my goal is to use what I have learned to help you. Please take the time to read the information on this page and find out if West Coast Angels is right for you. I look forward to working together.

xo A


“We only live once, but if we do it right, once is enough”

-Mae West



Who You Are…

West Coast Angels is known for representing the highest quality ladies who are beautiful – inside and out. If you are looking to only make quick money and are not able or willing to offer anything beyond your looks – please apply elsewhere. Our clientele requests a variety of types and therefore we are not only interested in one specific look. There are however a few specifics that are strict requirements. These are:

  • You are over 19 (with ID), under 35 and do not look a day over 40
  • You are toned with a well proportioned body
  • You are free of distasteful or large tattoos and excessive piercings –  no judgement, just what our clientele prefers
  • You pay close attention to details and are impeccably groomed – from head to toe
  • Your style is tasteful, sexy and refined
  • You have a healthy, drug-free, drama-free attitude to life in general
  • You have ambitions and goals beyond this pursuit – we strongly encourage this
  • You’re well-mannered, polite and intellectual
  • You’re a natural at making conversation – your topics of knowledge are plentiful
  • You’re a honest, gracious and evolved human being – at all times

What We Offer…

  • A chance to work with a respectable agency that has the best reputation
  • Advertising team and industry experts to make the most of your opportunity
  • Security and screening, only meet the best clientele
  • Professional photography 
  • Coaching and support 
  • Travel opportunities within Canada and outside of Canada
  • Financial management and support, help you get where you want to be financially
  • The absolute highest standards both on the job and off