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Adessa Q&A
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Adessa Q&A

What attracted you to being a Vancouver escort?

In an oddly unique way, being a Vancouver escort is extremely liberating – both financially and socially. Initially the financial prospects were most appealing to me but, over time, I have come to value most the social gratification that comes with doing my job.


What do you like most about working for Vancouver Escort Agency, West Coast Angels?
How effortless it is. I can focus my time and effort on doing my job and I’m given the opportunity to represent a brand that is already positively recognized.


What’s your sexiest attribute, and why?
That is really up to the person standing in front of me. I’ve been told I have nice legs, a nice behind, and seductive eyes ????


In a few words, please describe what someone should expect on a date with you.
A lingering and meaningful connection.


Wine or chocolate?
Wine. Every time.


Bath or shower?
Depends on whether a time restraint exists.


What are a few of your turn ons? Turn offs? And what single thing could a client do to make a date super special?
Turn ons: attributes like intelligence, courtesy, and a willingness to connect.
Turn offs: narcissism, distracted behavior.
When a client is genuinely present throughout our time together, a special time is most likely to ensue.


Do you prefer wearing make up or none at all?
I usually wear a bit of makeup but it’s always natural looking.


Favorite type of lingerie to wear for a client and do you prefer taking it all off or keeping some on?
I think strappy lingerie is sexy. Eventually it all comes off.


If you could pick one food to use in the bedroom what would it be and how would you use it?

Coconut oil is always good – for massages and just about anything else. Ice cubes are my favourite form of arousal during those hot summer days.


xo Adessa