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Amalia Q&A
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Amalia Q&A

What attracted you to being an Vancouver escort?

I enjoy being naughty and meeting new people.

What do you like most about working for Vancouver escort agency West Coast Angels?

I love working for WCA because they are the only Vancouver escort agency that offers true high standards and meets my needs. The owner and staff are the best I’ve ever met.

What’s your sexiest attribute, and why?

My confidence and intelligence are very sexy, both have the power to bring beauty into even in seemingly odd situations.

In a few words, please describe what someone should expect on a date with you.

On a date with me they can except to feel relaxed, non-rushed and to enjoy every minute of our time together.

Wine or chocolate?
Bath or shower?

Bath, then shower!

What are a few of your turn ons? Turn offs? And what single thing could a client do to make a date super special?

Turn on’s – Confident but sweet, well groomed and cologne is always very nice.

Turn off- Bad breathe – yuck!

Do you prefer wearing make up or none at all?

I prefer to wear natural light makeup with tasteful colors.

Favorite type of lingerie to wear for a client and do you prefer taking it all off or keeping some on?

I adore lace undergarments and taking it all off…

If you could pick one food to use in the bedroom what would it be and how would you use it?Strawberries dipped into chocolate. Take the berries between lips, slowly eating it and keeping eye contact throughout.

If you had the whole city of Vancouver to yourself, where would you have … first?

The Chief- after our hike =)

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Sun! Sun tanning on the beach –  nude 😉
xo Amalia