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Where To Dine

A romantic dinner date is a sure fire way to set the mood for the night with your Angel. Good things come to those who wait. An evening out with your Vancouver Escort will not only set the mood but build anticipation for the evening ahead. Vancouver is filled with beautiful escorts and never ending dining options. The purpose of our recommendations are not based on the quality of food or having a good meal. The meal itself is important but selecting the perfect atmosphere and setting the tone for the rest of your magical evening is what it’s all about. Don’t limit your options to solely plan a good meal, but aim on creating that magical moment that will guarentee you and your Vancouver escort both an unforgettable evening.


Here are a few picks to consider for planning a memorable Dinner Date:


Harbor Private Charter Dinner Cruise

As much as tempting it is to show off your gorgeous Angel, thats suitably something which everyone wants to experience on a dinner date in a restaurant. The “dinner” date does not necessarily have to happen in a restaurant. You could give your Vancouver escort an amazing surprise by having a private dinner on a private cruise with the option of you creating your own menu. Tell us, whats more romantic?


Seasons in The Park, Queen Elizabeth Park

Perched near the top of Queen Elizabeth Park, the restaurant offers panoramic views of Vancouver’s downtown skyline and is considered by many to be one of the most romantic spots in the city to enjoy a meal. The scenery is that of a dream, and your Angel will definitely feel in heaven.


Minami Restaurant, Yaletown

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Yaletown, Minami Restaurant delivers one of the most unique and innovative dining experiences to Vancouver. Minami follows the pioneering footsteps of sister restaurant Miku, introducing the Aburi style or flame seared technique to Vancouver’s thriving sushi scene in 2008. The best part about this restaurant is the private patio in the back. Open air dining and privacy to enjoy your dinner date comfortably.


Boulevard, Sutton Hotel

Boulevard offers guests a variety of culinary experiences: from the stylish dining room, seated oyster bar and craft-cocktail and champagne bar to the vintage-style lounge, private dining room, and expansive wrap-around patio. They say Oysters are a natural aphrodisiac and the best part is the live music.


Picnic At Beach

If none of the above choices interest you. Try something completely different. Why not take your Vancouver Angel to one of the many beaches here in the beautiful city and enjoy a bottle of wine and simple picnic dinner? No reservations, no time constraints and lets be honest, its not about where you are but the company your in 😉 You’re angel would be gracious!


These are various ways for you to experience a memorable evening and be that gentleman that your date always dreamed to go out with. The place itself is not that important. If you want to create a unforgettable place for a dinner date you have to make sure to create the right mood that can guarantee a satisfaction for both of you and your Vancouver Escort for the night.

xo Angels