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Who We Are

We set the bar higher, for all others to emulate...

We are females with intimate personal experience, success and extensive knowledge in the world of high end companionship. Driven by our desire to design a genuine, more compassionate, original and truly upscale environment within our industry. West Coast Angels was created in 2014 and established and Vancouvers first and only true upscale escort agency.

Since birth, WCA has continually set the bar higher for all others to emulate. Our highly regarded reputation is built on absolute discretion, unparalleled service and high standards which  we obsessively uphold.

We don’t just represent ladies, manage, book and settle balances, we do things that matter. Our values are rooted in sincerity, integrity and honesty and delivered through every experience. In an industry which seldom evolves, we innovate, lead and established higher standards within our community. It’s our passion, that fosters long-term relevance and develops lasting relationships with all of our patrons and female partners.

Please take the time to read the information on this page to find out if working with West Coast Angels, Vancouvers most reputable escort agency, is right for you.

We look forward to working together.

What We Do

We unite modern day goddesses with true gentlemen creating authentic, sexy, human connections.

We are always open to working with new ladies who possess the qualities necessary to impress our clients. We value individuality, by no means do we strive to offer cookie cutter experiences therefore we offer different levels of representation to meet a variety of needs. Whether you are touring, seeking to gain experience or strive to build a brand for yourself, we are open to working together. To advertise with us, please our Affiliates page.

Working with West Coast Angels means working as a team and complimenting our values. If you are interested in forming a partnership with Vancouvers most reputable escort agency, please visit our Requirements page to determine if you are a suitable fit before applying. Of course, we recommend that you read our entire website and encourage you to do your own independent research prior to selecting us.

What We Offer

An opportunity to learn, grow, travel and build lasting relationships with encouraging, supportive females in a truly upscale environment.


We have extensive experience and knowledge of the Vancouver escort industry. Experience is not required, we are extremely knowledgeable and will provide comprehensive guidance every step of the way. Everyone has a different end goal and we are here to work alongside you, through your journey to success. We will provide you with the resources, knowledge and secrets to being a successful high end escort. It will be up to you how you use them to make the most of your experience.


We have 10 years of experience and we are the best at what we do. We are your professionals. Working with us means not having to worry about the less exciting administrative aspects of escorting. We understand not everyone desires, or has the time to dedicate doing administrative work. We cover screening new clients (throughly), correspondence with existing clients, booking dates in accordance to your availability, providing clients with information and responding to general inquiries. You will have time to pursue your passions, an education, a career and personal goals while working with us.


We have established a reputation for being the best. We are innovative, we set standards that inspire countless others to constantly adapt to the ways we operate. Working with us offers you an opportunity to be regarded as a high quality companion where ever your journey takes you, whether you work with us briefly or for years. With WCA, you will be part of an exceptional team that is supportive and unlike any other.


Marketing is a fundamental aspect of this business and no one does marketing better than West Coast Angels. Innovative photoshoots, building web presence, using social media, online and offline advertising are part of what we do. We work with you to find your strengths and showcase them to clients who genuinely appreciate what you have to offer. Content does not lie with booking any client that inquires but finding those who are perfectly suited to you.


Working with West Coast Angels is an opportunity to learn, travel the world and create lasting relationships.


Review requirements and send us your details using our online form.