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Privacy Policy

At West Coast Angels, we think it’s important to be transparent about the way we collect information, how we use it, protect it and inform you about your rights regarding your information and privacy.

Our privacy policy provides you with information on how we process and secure your information. You may request us to completely or partially amend this policy to suit your expectations and we welcome the use of non-disclosure agreements.

This privacy statement can be changed from time to time. We will always publish the latest version on our website.


This privacy policy applies when inquiring, booking, screening and using of our services. If you continue using our services, then we will treat your use as your consent to us handling your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

WCAs privacy policy does not apply when booking with Angel Affiliates directly. We encourage you to conduct your own research into our Affiliates privacy policies.

Your shared details

We collect the information you provide to us when you communicate with us by email, telephone, text, web form submissions or use our services.

To use our services we require a name, your contact and description. We do not require the information to be your sensitive personal information, however the information you provide must be a reasonably accurate representation of yourself.

If the information you provide to us is deemed to be inaccurate, future use of our service will be denied. For example, if you provide your age as 50 and you are well, under 30. Providing misinformation is not only confusing but will result in the escort refusing to meet with you.

Information provided to us by the ladies we work with is collected when necessary, to protect their privacy and safety. Information provided to us by third parties for the purpose of screening is collected the same.

Why we require your details

We require information in order to:

Screen new clients

Verify you as an existing client or member

Ensure you meet individual ladies requirements/preferences prior to booking

Protect the safety, well-being and privacy of the ladies

Provide you with the most exceptional experience

Act as a reference for you


Screening is required if your contact changes and we are unable to verify you as an existing member. To avoid this, please advise us if you change your contact information.

The angels may have booking requirements for new clients. We must ensure you meet these requirements.

Safety and privacy is our number one priority. We use the information you provide to verify the angels will be safe and ensure full protection of their privacy.

Sharing information

Your privacy is our absolute priority and information you provide is kept strictly confidential.

Information is not shared within WCA or with third parties, except in the following cases:

Booking related information is disclosed to the lady upon confirmation of your booking. This includes details (date/time/duration), requests, description, and preferences.


Acting as a reference for you is considered sharing information with a third party. As such, we require your consent prior to acting as a reference for you.

For the protection of your privacy, please advise us if you wish to use West Coast Angels as a reference. Without your consent we are unable to refer you, verify you or acknowledge any relationship between us exists to the third party.

Existing members giving West Coast Angels refferals are appreciated. We ask that you provide us consent to acknowledge the referred person. We neither accept or acknowledge a referral without your consent as we consider the referred person to be a third party.

Use of Contact Information

We will not initiate contact with you by telephone or text unless prior consent has been given by you or there is an urgent (same day) matter regarding your arrangements.

If you provide us consent to contact you by text, we will initiate contact with a simple greeting and wait for your response before discussing specific matters.

We only respond to telephone or text communication missed during operating hours within 45 minutes of missing the communication. Please contact us again, or specify when we are able to respond to your request.

We will respond to emails at any given time, unless otherwise requested.

Your responsibilities

To help us protect your privacy, we suggest you do the following:

Specify the preferred method in which we should contact you in the event we need to contact you urgently

Delete communication between us when storing is no longer appropriate

If anyone else has access to your device, request us only to respond to your text if your message begins with a ‘code word’, so we know it’s you

We recommend the use of Signal Messaging App

Non-disclosure agreements

We welcome the use of non-disclosure agreements. Please advise us in advance if executing an agreement is necessary.